New Whyisbox site on the way, a new image for it... Probably

Not only a new site but a new slightly more grandiose direction... from freelance to studio and a new partner to boot. Space... watch it.


Just Done It

T-Shirt done for fun... just to annoy the label addicts.

Not for sale, obviously... I mean would anyone in their right minds actually wear this!

Just Done It T-Shirt design

Cheeky Little Number

Image done for a tune by Thenorks.

You can listen to it here if you are so inclined.

Cheeky Little nubmer logo

A nice new banner to go on the Boys Who Draw website

Stitched up...

Created this to go alongside the already sweet rotating banners on their site... Click here to visit the site.

Boys Who Draw banner illustration banner illustration for the Boys Who Draw site

Green For Go album cover

Design Decline

Recently completed album cover artwork for awesome Nottingham band Green for Go. Become a fan of theirs and find out more about he band on Facebook.Design Decline album artwork design

Tourist ™ Apparel

Logo and splash design for a new custom clothing brand

The folks at Tourist™ are about to rock it (later in 2010) with a super sweet concept for a new bespoke range of designer T's... So good in fact NewSugar has partnered up with them. ;)

Tourist ™ ApparelTourist ™ Apparel

Business cards V2.0

Ever so slightly more grown up now...

The last lot had a plaster and a big face on so in comparison these are practically invites to my 60th birthday celebrations... and no that's not something that's happening soon.

Business Card Designs V2.0Business card designs V2.0

January update for NS...

All change... well not all.

Now we are all surely sick of Christmas it's time for the January make over... Issue 9 (all three) parts coming soon.

January NewSugar design make over.

The Publishers Club

Pub'Club has been set up to support Independent Publishers.

Logo done for the newly founded Publishers Club. The next networking event is coming soon after a very successful Christmas party with Blanket Magazine, NewSugar and AMMO Mag

... Click here to find out more and register your email address for news.

The Publishers ClubThe Publishers Club Web Site

Merry Christmas from NewSugar...

Latest issue and a shiny Christmas home page.

Milking the Christmas marketing opportunity with a vengeance. Cynic, me?

Merry Christmas from NewSugar magazine.

Invite for the burntprogress VA2.1 launch party

First glimpse of a full album branding project for burntprogress

So after several months of working on the artwork (which included creating 52 unique hand drawn style logo's!) for the VA2.1 album, EP, posters, CD, adverts etc. etc. the time has finally come to launch it all.

As soon as I get my grubby mitts on the finished product I will get some nice shiny pictures up but for now you'll have to make do with the digital invite... If you're in london that night head down and join in on the festivities?! :)

burntprogress VA2.1 launch party invite

Spanking new BoysWhoDraw logo

New brand, new member (i.e. me!) and new logo to boot!

Having been asked recently to join the infamous BoysWhoDraw my first job as new inductee was to have a bash at giving the collective a new logo/identity.

BoysWhoDraw are: Andy Council, Dave Bain, Mister Millerchip, Neil Keating, Simon Corry, Simon Wild, Steve Rack, George Mitchell... and me!

Click here to have a gander at the BoysWhoDraw site...

Boys Who Draw Logo Boys Who Draw Logo Boys Who Draw Logo

Department Of Fair trade

New poster for sale

A bit of a twist on a design classic now available from my profile page on Society6.

Click here to find out more on the sizes and prices... hell, why not say hello whilst your there.

Depatment Of fair Trade

New poster design for Social:Beats

Flyers to follow... but you get the idea.

This unique illustrative/design piece was done as a collaboration with a lovely friend of mine NoodleGarden (aka: Dewayne Ashton) recently for a new night down in Salisbury called Social:Beats. Fresh!

Social:Beats Flyer

NewSugar Special Covers Issue

The first in a series of NewSugar specials

Visit the NewSugar site for more information on the mag and how to submit your work to future issues; both regular and special edition.

NewSugar Issue 7... Ta Da!

The latest release of NewSugar hits the virtual shelves

Well the latest issue of NewSugar is out and getting lots of lovely attention from around the globe... take a peek at the mag below and visit the NewSugar site for more information on the mag and how to submit your work.

Mucho Logos...

Various logos created over the last couple of years.

Most of these are still in operation although a few were done for one off projects. There is also a personal branding piece (designed for a guy in Sweden to be used as a tattoo) in there... can you tell which one?

Logo designs for various industries.Logo designs for various industries.Logo designs for various industries.Logo designs for various industries.Logo designs for various industries.


Designs for soon to be available Whyisbox boards.

These decks will be available from the Whyisbox Store shortly. Feel free to get in touch about them in the mean time.

Deck designs for Whyisbox store. Deck designs for Whyisbox store.Deck designs for Whyisbox store.Deck designs for Whyisbox store.Deck designs for Whyisbox store.

NewSugar Issue 6 out now.

Bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher.

Collaborative cover design by Whyisbox and Pit and a nice monster from Dewayne Ashton adorning the home page of the NewSugar site.

Issue 6 CoverNew site update for NewSugar magazine.

Cover work for Jigsaw

Happy technology for the education edition of their catalogue.

Whyisbox recently created a cover (well a whole bunch of covers to be precise)for the giant creative supplier Jigsaw. This particular cover was created for the education edition of their product catalogue.

The summer edition of Jigsaw's education catalogue.

Milk - A graphic novel by Stref'

Two covers done for the soon to be released book

We were asked to re-work the cover for this graphic novel recently and these are two of our favourites chosen from the pretty diverse selection shown to the client.

Covers deigned for 'Milk' a graphic novel.

Poster designed for special Adobe CS4 promotion

Lucky lucky students!

80% off! Not much to moan about there... erm... innit!

Promotional  poster done for Jigsaw and Adobe.

NewSugar updated temporary site...

V2.0 site has been updated to include the Monstar! project.

We're certainly looking forward to the new slinky version of the site, which hopes to include an artist profile area, shop and more special features. In the mean time however, this mini update is a nice excuse to spruce up the existing pages. ^_^

NewSugar issue 5 is with us real soon too!

New site update for NewSugar magazine.

NewSugar co-promotes FORM[AT] with Loggerheads in Nottingham

The first FORM[AT] event is the 23rd of May 2009. New site live soon.

Keep an eye on this site for details of the website launch and event updates.

If you are a creative and would like details on showcasing your work at the open air gallery - cliff projections or participating in the live installations please contact or give us a call on +(0) 44 7971 917 999

Full site design for FORM [AT]

3D Experiment

Shapes and texture being developed for a magazine article.

Started developing some abstract 3D elements for use with additional illustration and typographical layout.

This is a concept image for an article in Shook Magazine that we're working on for a client.

More news on that soon.

Full site design for FORM [AT]

New audio project graphics for Thenorks

CD designs for single, album and EP respectively

More details coming soon but for now why not have a wander over to the bands MySpace page for a listen to some of their stuff.

New CD designs for upcomming Thenorks project

Concept flyer image for an upcoming arts & music event

Illustration typography with Photoshop treatment.

Full information for the event coming soon. For now visit the Loggerheads website or check back here soon.

Image for upcoming arts and music event.

New temporary NewSugar site

Site goes live ready for Issue 4 of the magazine.

Still working on the all singing all dancing NewSugar site but in the mean time a lick of paint to welcome in the new issue of the happy happy mag!

Image for NewSugar Issue 4 release.

NPJC '3 Favourite Tunes Night' flyer

Pro-bono flyer for the charity event

Big shout to our friends at Legwork Studios for creating these awesome characters.

Look out for a Legwork interview in NewSugar some time this summer.

If you would like to get hold of vector versions of these characters head over to the Legwork give-away's page here.

Image for NewSugar Issue 4.

Cover art for Issue 3 of NewSugar magazine

Issue 3 coming soon! It's not that Christmassy though... ^_^

Image created for a new issue of the magazine. You can view that (when it comes out) and previous issues here.

Artwork done for Issue 3 of NewSugar.

Cover for Issue 2 of NewSugar magazine

Second edition of the new mag is out mid November.

Issue 1 of the magazine had almost 7000 downloads (from over 80 countries!) in it's first month and things are hotting up for the second installment!

If you would like to see your work feature in issue 3 take a look at the NewSugar site here for more on submitting.

Cover artwork done for NewSugar magazine issue 2.

Background image for NewSugar

Created for contents page.

An angry clown's wallpaper - looks even more ominous with the typography added.

Artwork done for NewSugar magazine issue 2.

Cover for NewSugar magazine

First edition cover for the new mag.

Magazine was unveiled at the beginning of October 2008... click here to see more.

Cover artwork done for NewSugar magazine.

Free Whyisbox desktop

Type treatment experiment turned desktop!

To download your very own Whyisbox desktop choose your monitor size from the list below.
1024 x 768 click here
1280 x 1024 click here
1440 x 900 click here

To set the image as your desktop right click on the image once it appears and choose:
Internet Explorer: 'Set as background'
Firefox: 'Set as desktop background'
Safari & Chrome: Good luck with that!

Illustration still from new animation project.

Repeating pattern

Created for NewSugar for multi-purpose use.

Pattern created for the new magazine...

repeating pattern done for NewSugar.


Still from a Flash animation that's in the works.

Illustration still with lots of lovely Photoshop treatment.

Illustration still from new animation project.


We expect this would work bloody brilliantly as a body font... ^_^

Font (with variations) for new project.

Font (with variations) for new project.

Illuminatus CD sleeve

Illustration done for Illuminatus a band from Nottingham.

Not sure if it will be used but we enjoyed the brief and enjoyed the outcome. Check out their music here.

Illustration done for Illuminatus a band from Nottingham.

Splash Image

Old site.

Illustration developed for the original version of this site.

Illustration developed for the original version of this site.

Thenorks logo

Logo developed for Thenorks the studio based side to Thenorkestra.

Listen to some of their tunes here.

Logo developed for Thenorks the studio based side to Thenorkestra.


Designed as a free giveaway.

For Dixons Group premium customers.

Designed for Dixons.

More soon...

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