Ten things to do on an otherwise uneventful day...

Number one... Obviously, draw a picture of a self aware, self conscious piglet.

Illustration done for fun...

Memories_Subism cancer awareness project

Illustration done for the pending book

Was really glad to be asked to create an image to narrate one of the many inspiring stories about peoples experiences with cancer... Click here to see more.

Illustration done for thre Memories project

Paul's Dog V1.0

Tattooine (pronounced /tætuːˈiːn/)

Tattoo done for a friend recently... Click here to see more.

PAuls Dog

W is for Whynocerose

Illustration created for the Alphabits project.

Alphabits is a sweet new project involving 26 amazing illustrators each creating a single letter of the alphabet, which, will go on to be a snazzy purchasable poster (much like the alphabet posters you may have had as a child). All proceeds will go to next years Children in Need... 100% of the profit in fact! 

Almost all the Boys Who Draw are involved (apart from George and his poorly arm - get well soon!) but in addition the project includes the likes of Tado, Jonathan Edwards, Mr. Bowlegs, Koodoo - AMMO magazine, Aaron Miller, Chris Brett, Sascha Preuß, Stephen Chan - Thunderchunky, Ben the Illustrator... well the list goes on... and on!

Keep your eyes peeled here for more info, or, if you're really eager drop me an email asking to be kept in the loop I will let you know how, where and when... 

Illustration done for Alphabits

Note: Alphabits is being organised by myself, Julian Kimmings and Scott Pollard. And, yes the legs and arms have been... erm... borrowed from another of my illustrations! ;)

YMC... Eh?

For a new range of Whyisbox products to be launched in the new year.

More on this bomb shell soon.

Muscles... Illustration dne for a new range of Whyisbox T-ShirtsYMC... Eh?


Self initiated illustration... Abracadabra!

For nowt, just for fun.

Self commissioned illustration

Something else?

Recycling? Good boy!

Created this for one thing (a magazine cover for a NEW NewSugar spin off - you heard it hear first!), then thought about it working for something else (a flyer for a new night down south - where the Trolls live) but it wasn't working for that either. It's not all bad though as it seems to be quite happy nestling on my splash page for the time being. :)

Self commissioned illustration

I hate football...

... and this is why!

Piece done for the 'Vector Brush Sourcebook' published by RotoVision.

Self commissioned illustration


Created for AMMO

These little badges that I illustrated recently were knocked up by the lovely people at AMMO for the first edition of their new magazine.

Commissioned illustration's for AMMO magazine


Self commissioned illustration

This image, Alley, was created whilst experimenting with creating new custom brushes in Illustrator. What started off as a pig though became pretty distorted over the course of construction... Apparently - as pointed out by a twitter pal - it looks more like Jarvis Cocker now. *-*

Self commissioned illustration

Why's World... + A FREE desktop background!

New header image for an AMMO Magazine web profile

This illustration was done to show off some differing elements of Whyisbox work. Done for the first issue of AMMO magazine which will be out soon. A web profile of Whyisbox will be posted too... looking forward to seeing it all up.

If you would like a massive 1900x1200 desktop background of this image... click here. ^_^

Image created for the first issue of AMMO a new creative magazineImage created for the first issue of AMMO a new creative magazineImage created for the first issue of AMMO a new creative magazine


Characters created for Style Igloo

These Yenskimo characters were done recently to depict several of the services on offer from a new style and branding company by the creators of Mecho | The style black book.

Yenskimo's done for Style Igloo


More experimentation

Troll, the illustration below, was a bit of an experiment... created partially in Illustrator initially with hand made brushes and finished using various layering and texturing techniques in Photoshop.

Self commissioned illustration


Showcase illustrations for AMMO Magazine.

Created for a bit of fun and to use in an interview/feature on Whyisbox in the first issue of AMMO Magazine a new print mag from the awesome Koodoo; long time friend of NewSugar. The magazine is shaping up nicely for it's first issue with Whyisbox featuring alongside the super rad Andy Council and Rod Hunt. Can't wait!

Doodles created for the first issue of AMMO a new creative magazineDoodles created for the first issue of AMMO a new creative magazine

Monstar! A new project for a special edition of NewSugar

A digital re-make of the classic paper game, consequences...

Do you remember a childhood game called 'Consequences', where you folded some paper and took it in turns to draw a piece of a picture each, finally revealing the final image (or course you cant see what the others have done before it's finished) to reveal an awesome monster or some other bizarre creation?

Anyway, we freakin' love this game so it seemed only fitting, when looking for a collaborative art project for NewSugar, that we dragged this beast out again; albeit with a 21st century make-over.

WE NEED YOU! Over the coming weeks there will be a brand new area on the NewSugar site where you can download templates and view an interactive/randomising version of the project. However, if you would like to get hold of a template now give us a shout at and we will send you one. All the final pieces will make it into a 'Consequences' special edition.

We already have quite a few people playing... come and join in!

The piece below - 'No. 1', for want of a more imaginative title, was done as an example piece to promote the project and was created by Aaron Miller (head), Whyisbox aka us(inner) and Koodoo (body).

Monstar - Consequences for the 21st century!

My Pocket

Illustration for Issue 4 of NewSugar magazine

We expect they probably should have paid up on time... ow!

Image for NewSugar Issue 4.


Image done for a new group on Concrete Hermit

Done recently for a new group on the creative network. The group's new project 'The Brilliant Book Of Bears' should be coming to a vendor near you soon... When it's done that is. ^_^

'Bear's Book' project illustration.

Dusty Frazzle

One of our subs for the first edition of NewSugar.

The theme was No! Read more about the image and others in the magazine. ^_^

Illustration done for NewSugar magazine.

Another of my subs for NewSugar.

Self Commissioned piece for the magazine

Find the magazine here.

Illustration done for NewSugar magazine.

The Fear

Illustration for the Nicely Done exhibition at Loggerheads in Nottingham.

Giclée prints of this image are now available from Loggerheads - or, you can contact us here if you would like to purchase one.

Illustation for the Nicely Done event at the Loggerheads in Nottingham.

Lol Lol Lolly

Illustration for Freeq Magazine.

This illustration was as part of a series for a 'Great British Summer' themed edition of the magazine.

If you like this image then it is now available to purchase as a giclée print from the Whyisbox Shop.

Illustration designed for an upcoming edition of Nottinghams Freeq Magazine.

More soon...

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